By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
February 07, 2020

When dealing with wood wall installation, it looks like a tricky task to take on. Because of this, we always recommend allowing a trained professional to do the job to ensure it’s done correctly and safely. Without allowing someone with the necessary training and skills, you risk damage not only to yourself and the new wood walls, but your home as well.

However, even when utilizing the know-how that an expert possesses, it’s helpful to know the basics of wood wall installation, what to expect during this process, and how to make the best decisions for your home. These decorative walls have been known to add personality, flair, and depth to any home, and the styles and options are limitless.

Let’s tackle a quick crash course on wood walls 101!

Learning About Wood Walls & The Installation Process

There is no true “right way” to create or install a wood wall. These walls are beautiful, intricate masterpieces that are designed to bring elevated style to a room. Because of this, there are several ways these walls can be installed depending on what you choose and prefer. Most of the installation process will be adjusting based on what you like best, so communication with your designers and installation team is key here.

Choosing Your Style

Wood can be crafted into several shapes and illusions and designs. Our Jamie Beckwith Collection has a large variety of sample styles to customize to your preference, from dynamic shapes to geometric patterns to subtle carved inlaid designs.

These will provide a good starting point as you try and choose how you’d like your decorative wall to be created, and what element you wish it would bring to a room and home. From there, you can get started on the harder choices.

Choosing Your Color

Once a style, or at least a few options, have been decided on, next it’s time to think of color. Most decorative wood walls will be used in tandem with wooden floors, utilizing contrasting grains and colors or finishes to create a new, unique depth to the room and bring the home alive. This choice is probably one of the easier ones you will make during this process.

That doesn’t make it any less easy! You need to ensure you’re happy with the final style and color decisions you’ve made. Once a wooden wall goes up, it’s not the easiest to take down without risking great damage to the piece of art installed.

Choosing Location

Finally, decide where to instruct the crew to install your wall. You’ll need to work with us on this portion so we can ensure proper sizes are measured to design the decorative piece of wooden art for your home. Small sections, whole large wall pieces, and even half walls or bathroom accents are popular choices, and each will provide a different installation process.

Make sure to ask about cost, time length, installation difficulty, and past examples of your wood wall before installation. You want to be 100% happy with what you’ve decided on before the installation experts arrive to erect the wood wall in your home. This is especially key if you’re working with several small sections.