By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
May 22, 2020

It’s no secret by now that hardwood floors are the superior flooring option in virtually any home. It’s considered a great upgrade when it comes to home value and investment and is more durable, in many cases, than carpet or other options. It’s beautiful, lasting, and can be made incredibly unique and customized based on the wood you choose and the styles you go with. But what are your best options when it comes to hardwood floors?

All homes and floors are different. While you may have your heart set on a particular cut of a particular wood it may not be feasible for the layout of your home or for the climate you live in. Different styles and options in hardwood offer different challenges and advantages. Doing your research ahead of time and making sure you consult with the best experts can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

What Species of Wood?

Start at the beginning, what kind of wood do you want to see in your hardwood floors? Obviously hardwood floors are made out of hardwood, this means oak, maple, and cherry are common choices for durable hardwood floors. There are more exotic species like teak jarrah, and mesquite which also work great but cost a far bit more. There’s also options for reclaimed hardwood flooring where the wood is sourced from salvage yards, rehabilitated and repurposed. This is particularly good for renovating an older home.

Do You Go With Finished or Unfinished?

So, how do you go about choosing between finished or unfinished hardwood? Installing unfinished hardwood flooring is the choice if you’re looking at doing custom finishes. For example, kitchens benefit from unfinished hardwood installations because the finish you apply will help seal any seams in the wood to prevent water damage. However, finished hardwood arrives at your home prefinished making for a quicker and more efficient installation process. So weigh your pros and cons.

Solid or Engineered Flooring?

A normal, solid hardwood flooring is one that is almost an inch thick and can be stained and refinished multiple times. The downside? It’s susceptible to humidity and warping as a result. Engineered wood is a veneer of hardwood with several layers of cheaper wood underneath. This offers great stability over time but it can only be stained and finished one time, limiting customization options for it. So, depending on the humidity levels of your home and where you think the wood will be placed, both options offer something important.

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