By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
December 16, 2020

Having an oil-finished wood floor offers a beautiful rich coloring. The only situation is that when you have a Natural Oil Finish, you may not know how to properly clean your floors. This is because, with an aluminum oxide finish, it sits on top of the actual wood. This creates a barrier between the wood and the rest of the world. When it comes to an oil finish, it soaks in the wood, making the wood itself stronger.

Benefits of a Natural Oiled Floor

The main benefit of choosing a natural oil floor over a standard aluminum oxide finish is that you can spot repair an oil finished floor whereas, with an aluminum oxide hardwood floor, you will need to sand and refinish the entire floor.

How to Clean a Natural Oil Finish Floor

An oiled floor can easily be cleaned by vacuuming regularly. If it becomes necessary to have a deeper clean (typically once per month) then you will need to use a specialty cleaner that is specifically made for oiled wood flooring.


The most common brand to use for cleaning an oiled wood floor is the cleaning products from WOCA. This brand, WOCA, makes an oil soap specifically used to help enhance the look of an oiled finish hardwood floor. This cleaner helps to nourish the surface and protect the wood against dirt and even liquid.

How to Use Speciality Soap

When using WOCA Soap, you will need to dilute it in water before mopping your oiled wood floor. One bucket should hold the soap mix and the other should be to rinse. When you put the soap mix onto your oiled floor, you will want to avoid as little water as possible.

Although the soap can sit on the oiled wood floor to dissolve any dirt, you should clean it up with the wrung-out mop shortly after. Then, after cleaning, you will need to let the floors dry for at least 30 minutes before walking on them.

It is very important to follow these steps because, otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your floor. There are two different soaps, one for use on white-colored oiled floors and another for other colors.

Oil Refresher

Four times per year you can use an oil refresher to clean and re-oil the surface of your oiled wood floor. This process will be the same as how you clean it, but after using the oil refresher you will need to let it dry for at least two hours at a time.

Repairing Scratches

When you have a natural oil finish floor you can repair stains with a Master Oil product. This can absorb scratches and make them disappear. Although this can make it easy to feel like you can easily repair your flooring, you do need to be careful overall not to make marks on your floor.

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