By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
February 17, 2021

Most homeowners are aware that flair can easily be added to their home with a bit of personalization. You may not know this, but right now reclaimed hardwood is extremely popular. All these are salvaged building materials. Despite this, even in its popularity, it is still cheaper than new hardwood.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind option, then this may be the best option for you. On top of that, reclaimed hardwood is sustainable and eco-friendly. It keeps older wood out of landfills. We specialize in Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Denver. Read on to decide if this is something right for your home.

Reclaimed Wood is Cheaper than New Wood

Reclaimed hardwood is practical and a wonderful find. Especially if you are looking to renovate older homes, this may give you the option to keep the same overall style. Even with its newfound popularity, reclaimed hardwood is also an eco-friendly choice. Prices for common species (such as oak) are often up to 50 percent cheaper than brand new hardwood flooring.

If you have a higher budget you may even be able to find reclaimed hardwood flooring that’s made from rare or even non-existent species. Common rare woods include quarter-sawn oak, heart pine, American elm, and chestnut. That makes hunting for salvaged flooring very exciting.

These woods can cost around $10 per square foot and more.

It is Easy to Find

Looking for reclaimed hardwood flooring (and other salvaged building materials) is relatively easy. We can help you with this because most salvage yards have well-maintained websites that list available materials. This allows us to get the best-priced materials and know exactly what we can offer you.

Is Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Right for You?

Even if you find reclaimed hardwood flooring, you will need to determine if it’s right for you. What you need to do is ensure that the flooring is in good condition. You should also make sure you have more than you need as usable flooring. It will need to cover your square footage needs, and you will need to add 10 percent for waste during installation. If you fall short, it may be very difficult to finish your flooring.

Finishing Your Floors

If you have plans to refinish your reclaimed hardwood flooring, then you won’t have to worry much about color. We can sand and refinish your floors to ensure that you can have the exact color of floors that you prefer. You must let us know this ahead of time when planning your flooring.

What to Be Aware of

Some reclaimed hardwood flooring that has been painted may contain lead. It is essential to have a lead paint test before you buy. We do this for all of the materials we purchase, but if you are finding the wood on your own, do not skip this test. Test kits range from $10 to $20 and will protect your entire family. Contact us today to learn more.