By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
October 20, 2020

One of the most popular hardwood floor finishing systems on the market is known as Woca Oil. At SOEN, we offer Woca oil which must be applied in a specific manner, from installation to prep, to aftercare. Despite this, Woca oil is known for its lasting strength. In short, Woca oil is safe to use on your floors and highly recommended if you are looking for long-lasting and beautiful results.


When using Woca oil finishes, you can be sure that you will have extremely durable and strong finishes. Because Woca oil is so strong, contractors and hardwood floor professionals use Woca time after time. Forget about chopping wood or see flakes come off, Woca oil secures your finishes for years to come.

Lasting Seal

Woca oil penetrates the wood to harden and create a strong, lasting seal. If you clean and maintain your floors properly, a Woca oil finish can go for decades without needing a new refinishing. We guarantee that you will not need to call us back to refinish your floor because it looks worn down, Woca oil just does not allow that to happen.

Easy Touch-Ups

Because Woca oil provides durability and strength, it allows quick touch-ups to be done quickly.  With Woca oil-finished floors, you will be able to preserve the durability for years to come. There are also options to use refresher and maintenance oils for rejuvenation. These will also increase their resistance to wear.

Easy to Stain

There are even options to use Woca master oil. This oil contains a pigment which will provide a one-step hardwood floor staining process. But there are always two steps to hardwood staining . . . right? Not with Woca oil.

With Woca oil, simply lay down the stain and the finish at the same time without waiting for multiple layers to dry. This cuts down on your time and can allow you to work on other areas of your home, or simply get back to what you need to do in a functional space.

Nine Color Options

Another great aspect of this product is that it comes in nine different colors. From black to extra white, and all the colors in between, you can mix any color you desire. This means that from nine colors, you have the option to create 100’s more for any job.


Because both consumers and flooring professionals are concerned about the environment, as well as health risks, there are VOC-free oil finishes available. Unlike typical oil-based finishes, having a lack of dangerous chemicals is important. In 2008 these VOC-free finishes were released for better health all around. This also helps in situations where there are environmental standards in place. Do not compromise between environmental safety and hardwood floor protection. With Woca you can have both.

If you are interested in Woca oil information, or even information regarding other natural oils, contact us at SOEN. We are free to discuss your options for whatever you are looking for.