By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
August 14, 2020

If you are searching to put new flooring into your home, you might have heard about reclaimed hardwood flooring. This type of wood is actually lumber that has been previously used for other projects. This can be wood that has been taken from a 100-year-old barn or floors from a previous home. Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Denver gives lumber a second chance to be used, but also offers a beautiful and unique option. Should you use reclaimed wood? There are a few reasons why you might want to do your next flooring project using reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Wood is Eco-Friendly

When using reclaimed wood, you are doing so eco-consciously. This is because you are essentially recycling it. Rather than cut more trees for lumber, you are using old lumber. This allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and have less of a negative impact on the environment. Instead of allowing your lumber to be burned or thrown away, you decrease the amount of pollution going into the air, and obtain beautiful wood in the process!

Reclaimed Wood is Extremely Unique

When you use reclaimed wood, you are obtaining wood that has a story. Consider the fact that the wood in your home was taken from a century-old chapel, an old historical building, or even a historical saloon. This adds another level of interest to your home.

This wood is actually strong as well. This is because hundreds of years ago, the trees were able to grow as long and naturally as they wanted to. You will never find another look than that of reclaimed wood. It is obviously authentic and old and brings out a true charm. Reclaimed wood is definitely one of a kind. If you are looking to make your home special then it is an obvious solution.

Reclaimed Wood Can be Hard to Come by

It can be difficult to find reclaimed wood that works in regards to flooring. This is because it is old, and it is not readily available. Especially, because of how popular reclaimed wood is, when you find a good source that would work for flooring, do not let it get away.

Not every type of historical wood can be used for a floor. Some types of reclaimed wood can be too soft and easily damaged. Newly sourced wood is nothing even similar to old reclaimed wood, and that is why it is so special.

There are Many Types of Reclaimed Wood

There are many different types of reclaimed wood, but oak is one of the best to use for flooring. Reclaimed oak is heavy, strong and has a coarse texture. It has character, but also details.

Maple is another great choice for reclaimed wood. For many years it was used in bowling alleys, which means it is resistant to impact.

Mahogany lumber is going to be the strongest of all reclaimed woods. It is extremely difficult to shape because it is so strong. Despite this, it is a great choice as it will withstand a strong beating.

So should you use reclaimed wood? As long as you can find it and it fits your price range, you should definitely consider reclaimed wood.