By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
October 20, 2020

When you are looking for Engineered Hardwood Flooring Denver it is important to take a look at the company rather than just samples of work you have seen. At SOEN, we offer the best of both worlds, high-quality materials, as well as incredible service. We have outlined the top five reasons why we believe you should choose SOEN for your engineered flooring installation in Denver.

Quality Materials

When purchasing flooring from SOEN, you can be sure that we will use only the best quality products. Not only does our wood carry the highest grade material, but even the polyethylene coat on top makes it shine brighter than other floors. We will even add an extra coat of finisher compared to our competitors. When you see your new flooring you will say “wow”.

Fast and Reliable Service

We make sure to get your floors done as quickly as possible, without sacrificing reliability. What may take other companies hours to complete, will take SOEN a fraction of that time. Despite this, we never sacrifice quality. We have installed many floors at great prices and made many happy customers.

Quality Service

At SOEN, we promise to go above and beyond your expectations. We have incredibly high-quality service standards that we meet with every single floor that we put in. We do this primarily by ensuring that your floor will last a lifetime. Because your floors can shrink, expand, or even shift, we make sure that changes in the weather, cracks, and separations will not ruin the floor. We specifically install with more solid materials, to ensure your floors will stand the test of time.

Premiere Preparation

Because each home has different humidity levels before installation your home will need to be acclimated. We ensure that your home is in the perfect condition to install your floors. Especially because engineered wood is different from standard hardwood, we ensure that two weeks before the installation, everything is ready to go. We always ensure that your home and floor is the healthiest it can be, before, during, and after installation.


We always offer a personal touch with every floor we installed. You will never need to worry about having a floor that does not fit properly in your home. With our various years of experience, you will always speak to someone who can ensure you are getting the floor of your dreams. We always have your best interest in mind. With so many colors to choose from, we offer a variety of options to make your flooring dreams come true.

Get What You Want, Every Time

We guarantee that you will never be dissatisfied with your flooring. We will never call a project complete until you are fully satisfied. We offer years of experience including working on new homes, renovations, refinishing, installs, and more. Contact us today to decide how we can help you. No dream is too large, let us help you achieve the flooring of your dreams.