By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
September 28, 2020

Hardwood floors are a great addition to any room, bringing charm and character to an already cozy home. From dining rooms to bedrooms, hardwoods will bring a natural finish to your space while increasing overall value. Because of their durable nature, hardwood floors last for years, though they can still experience occasional wear and tear. Depending on the location and foot traffic, you may eventually notice wear spots, scratches, or gouges in your flooring. Fortunately, refreshing your hardwood floors is easy. Follow these top tips for how to refresh your hardwood floors in Denver.

Sanding Wear Spots

Wear spots on hardwood finishes and stains are a common problem for most homeowners, especially in high traffic areas of the home. These spots usually leave the bare wood of your floors exposed, creating a worn down patch on the surface. A simple refresh of these patches is necessary to keep your hardwood floors in Denver looking beautiful.

To refresh wear spots, sand down the patch about an inch below the surface of the floor. Fine-grained sandpaper will work wonders on the wear spot, creating a smooth surface and leveling out the patchy area. Before adding a finishing stain to the sanded boards, be sure to test a small spot in a non-visible area to ensure that it matches the rest of the flooring. You can make the wear spot look more natural by sanding to the edges of the affected boards before adding the finishing stain.

Filling Gouges

Gouges in hardwood flooring can happen, especially when moving furniture or when the floor takes other damage. Gouges are deeper than surface scratches, so they require a more in-depth repair using a filler. A hardwood finishing putty is a great way to fill in the gouge before sanding and staining.

To refresh hardwood gouges, apply the filler into the affected area. Once dry, sand it down so that’s it flush with the surface of the flooring and blend it in using a finishing stain. If you need help repairing and filling gouges in your hardwood floors, contact a Denver hardwood flooring professional for guidance.

Polishing Surface Scratches

Surface scratches on hardwood floors are extremely common. They often occur in high traffic areas of your home, especially if you have pets or frequently move furniture. Light surface scratches are easy to refresh with a hardwood floor surface solution that can reduce the appearance of the scratches. To get hardwood floors to shine, consider sanding scratches down and apply a refinishing stain. Be sure to sand the floor to the bottom of the scratch before applying the finish to ensure a smooth and polished surface.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Denver

Well-maintained hardwood floors still need a refresher every few years. Although you can follow these simple hardwood refresher tips to keep your flooring beautiful, we recommend having a trained professional refinish your floors for you. This guarantees that your hardwood refinishing project is completed right the first time, leaving your hardwoods polished and refreshed through the lifetime of the finish.