By Skyler Malley
Category: Blog
February 07, 2020

Having hardwood floors come with a certain degree of difficulty and patience required to keep them looking great. When you ensure to keep up with general maintenance, such as refinishing your floors when it’s time to do so, you are prolonging the life of your hardwood and keeping it glossy, smooth, and gorgeous for as long as possible. Though the process itself isn’t too difficult, it’s essential to the healthy life of your flooring, especially in high-traffic areas of the home.

If you have hardwood floors and you’re curious about your Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Denver, this should answer all your questions and point you in the right direction.

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Any homeowner who sports the beautiful material flooring that is hardwood will be familiar with the term refinishing, and even if you’re only curious about installing this flooring type, it’s important to know everything about this step. Without refinishing your floors, you will need to replace it entirely sooner, and you’ll struggle with keeping them look great.

What Does Refinishing Hardwood Floors Mean?

For the most part, refinishing hardwood means to sand it down and strip the first couple of layers off of your floors, to give a fresh finish to the surface. You’ve sanded away imperfections, dents, stains, and anything else ugly – now it’s time to swipe over the sealant, and give that fresh, brand-new shine. Refinishing floors can make them appear good as new!

When Should I Refinish My Hardwood Floor?

Every few years, depending on the current state and condition of your floors, you should be refinishing. The exact type of wood, as well as products already used on it and the natural speed of it wearing down, will come into play here. Be flexible and open-minded, and get someone out to check your floors every 3-4 years to see if it’s time to refinish them.

How Do I Refinish My Hardwood Floor?

Luckily at Soen Hardwood, our highly trained professionals will do this tough task for you! While it is possible to do it yourself at home, it’s highly recommended to allow someone skilled and experienced handle this key step in being a proud homeowner with hardwood materials.

Can All Hardwood Be Refinished?

This is a popular but incorrect belief. Not all floors are suited for refinishing, though this is a rare occurrence. It’s found most commonly in newer hardwood flooring installations, where the planks are made to be exceptionally thin and already have a strong layer of coating. Trying to sand this down with thin the planks more than they should be, giving your floor an eccerlatered chance to break down, and lowering it’s natural supportive ability.

When To Replace Instead Of Refinish

Sometimes, even puttin a beautiful new top coat over your wooden floors won’t do the trick. Inspect the plans closely; or allow one of our experts to do it for you. If there are a lot of gaps between them, or you can see the nails anchoring the flooring down, it’s probably too late. Excessive damage, shrinkage, and discoloration often can’t be remedied with a refinish.