Hardwood, but better

We like to get involved in your project as early as possible. By providing our expertise during the design process, we are better able to ensure the final result is a project that you will love. This is a critical difference between SOEN Hardwood and other providers. Through our complete project evaluation process, all your questions will be answered before you commit to the final product. When partnering with SOEN Hardwood, you’re getting more than new floors – you’re getting our decades of experience, our commitment to quality first, and a superior hardwood product. With the quality, durability, and popularity of engineered hardwood flooring, you’re making a smart investment that will last your home’s lifetime and never go out of style.

Denver Hardwood Floors

Premium Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

50+ factory hardwood finished colors
5” – 12” widths chevron, herringbone and other patterns
Different thicknesses, finishes and grades
Perfect symmetry and balance construction
Superb stability with cork compensators

3 Layered engineered hardwood

Engineered Hardwood
But Better

Engineered hardwood with second
to none features:

Square edge (no bevel)
Same wear layer as solid hardwood
Solid hardwood stabilizing backing
Selection of durable 0% VOC finishes & customizable colors

engineered white oak hardwood flooring distribution

European Oak

European oak is well-known for its strength and durability, even when used outside for decking, landscape gardening and external wall cladding. Besides the durability, European oak also has a tighter grain pattern resulting in unique and sought after aesthetics.

White Oak Engineered Hardwood

White Oak
Engineered Hardwood

Due to higher tannin content and less sapwood white oak engineered hardwood is a perfect combination to achieve unique and one of a kind colors. White oak engineered hardwood is the perfect palette for finishing technics. Beyond the visuals white oak engineered hardwood does not expand and contract as other hardwood species.

engineered white oak hardwood flooring - oil finishing

Wide Plank
Hardwood Flooring

With engineered hardwood floors, manufacturers are able to make more & wider planks from a single tree than with traditional hardwood flooring. That means a wide plank hardwood flooring has a fraction of the traditional hardwood creating a more harmonious and less busy look.

engineered white oak hardwood flooring - stairs


Now your stairs will not only matchrnyour hardwood color but also thernwood grade and all the unique woodrncharacteristics.

Oak Trees for flooring


Our products meet NAUF and ULEF requirements, as per American CARB ASTM standard. It means that the level of emissions of volatile substances of our flooring is similar to the one of natural wood.

engineered white oak hardwood flooring