Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Made In Europe

Our European hardwood manufacturing partners have been supplying flooring products to the United States, Europe and other markets for over 35+ years. Having adopted the best working traditions and state-of-the-art equipment from the very beginning, the European manufacturerโ€™s process set a new standard of quality excellence in the wood flooring industry.

European Hardwood - manufactured in Europe

Product Quality

Our partnerโ€™s manufacturing process is completely integrated โ€“ starting with raw timber processing all the way to the end product. The production process allows the team to control quality at every stage of manufacture (sawmills, kiln dryers & UV finishing lines) altogether it ensures the highest and utmost product quality.

Our products are compliant with strict quality requirements in markets such as Japan, Europe, US and Canada.

3 Layered hardwood

True Balanced Engineered Hardwood

All three layers are made of hardwood and not softwood or plywood. The top layer is white oak, the middle layer is birch, and the bottom layer is oak or birch.
Using birch as a middle layer instead of softer softwoods increases the stability of the floorboard, as birch is much more resistant to warping.
Dimensional symmetry. The top and bottom lamellas have the same thickness. When environmental conditions change, they act symmetrically on the middle layer, the loads arising in them balance each other out. This increases the balance of the structure and virtually eliminates the possibility of planks warping.

Project Foundation

Project Foundation

At the foundation of every great project are relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We consider ourselves to be your greatest ally and will work tirelessly to make sure you are getting the best possible product.

We are committed to delivering an immaculate product with immaculate service.

engineered white oak hardwood flooring