Refinishing Hardwood Floors Denver


Why Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors require refinishing every few years, even if they are well-maintained. Years of “daily living” can take a toll on your hardwood floors. Your floors are worn down, scratched, scuffed and dull. These are the clear signs that is time to have your hardwood floors refinished.


What We Use When Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood refinishing allows the homeowner to
change color & choose a high quality hardwood
finish with low VOC’s and create a better hardwood protection for years to come. There are many types of finishes for hardwood protection such as hard wax oil finish, oil based polyurethane etc. One of them is a water based
polyurethane finish. It is the most popular finish
for hardwood protection. The quality between
finishes varies significantly, so knowing what you
are paying for is of a high importance.We at
SOEN Hardwood use only the best hardwood
finishes on the market. The finish itself is what
protects your hardwood from daily wear and tear
and give you the first line of defense, so
selecting the right hardwood finish is the key.


Why Use SOEN For Your Hardwood Refinishing Project

We are a NWFA Certified Installation & Finishing
Company as well as Bona Sand and Finisher

Refinishing hardwood is not your only option
when it comes to making your hardwood floor
new again. Adding textures such as
handscraping or wirebrushing will create an
additional wow effect plus it will be more slip
resistant if that is something you are worried
about. Despite hardwood floor refinishing being
a common procedure, having a trained
hardwood refinishing professional execute your
hardwood floor refinishing project will help the
finish last longer and look better through the
lifetime of the finish


Why SOEN Is The Best Denver Hardwood Refinishing Company

We use the latest dust containment systems
that are GREENGUARD Certified for Indoor Air

Our dust containment system is the most
powerful, portable, and effective dust
containment system removing 99.8% of dust
versus traditional sanding methods.
At the completion of each hardwood service,
our goal is to leave the homeowner with a
beautiful place to live in and love for years to

engineered white oak hardwood flooring


  • Why should I refinish my hardwood?

    There are many reasons why hardwood floors are refinished. Most of the refinishing projects we’ve done in Denver are due to damage to the finish, water damage, outdated color, adding more hardwood etc. With today’s technology your contractor should be able to offer at least 5 different finishes and explain what each finish does which can help you select the right finish for your lifestyle.  Not all finishes are created equal. Some of them will last barely 3-4 years and some of them  can last 15+ years.

    When you decide to refinish your hardwood floors you will have the opportunity to customize  many aspects of your final hardwood look. You can select new hardwood stain colors, sheen  levels, 0% VOC finishes and penetrating oil finishes. It’s customizing your hardwood floor  without spending a fortune and it’s all because there are that many hardwood finish options  available.

  • What type of hardwood finishes are there?

    In the last 20 years hardwood finishes have been enhanced and there are more finishes available now than ever.

    Most popular hardwood finish now is the water based polyurethane which replaced the  outdated technology that oil based polyurethane had to offer.

    Besides Water based Polyurethane, European oil finishes are becoming as popular as water  based finishes. As a trusted Denver hardwood specialist, we have been using these finishes for the past 5 years and have seen the same or better results than the traditional water based finishes.

    Our most popular European oil finish is the penetrating oil finish which can be maintained and  once the floors are scratched etc. the hardwood can be fixed without having the need to  refinish your hardwood floors. Either way we only use the latest hardwood finishes on the  market.

  • Polyurethane vs Penetrating Oil Finishes?

    When refinishing hardwood floors with SOEN hardwood in Denver you will have the opportunity to select one of the two most polar hardwood finishes.

    Penetrating oil finish is a type of finish that doesn’t create a plastic film on top of your  hardwood. It is a finish that penetrates down the wood fibers and creates a seal so there is no  visible film sitting on top of hardwood. Our preferred penetrating oil finish can be coated with  water based finish or with additional wax coats to add protection for years to come.  You can select 50 colors or we can mix them with any ratio to create endless color tones depending on your hardwood species.

    Maintaining this type of finish is as easy as spraying the hardwood and mopping it.  Polyurethane hardwood finish is a type of plastic that sits on top of your hardwood. All and any damages to your hardwood floors are not actually done to your hardwood but to your finish. So all the imperfections you see in your floor are in the finish itself. Polyurethane finishes always have a higher sheen so scratches, dents, dirt and dust will be more visible than in a penetrating oil finish. When polyurethane is scratched, damaged it will be very difficult to repair due to wood aging, sheen level and application process. Matching color, sheen level on a polyurethane floor is almost mission impossible and this is one of the reasons why entire  hardwood floors have to be refinished when there is a repair to be done.

  • How safe are today’s hardwood finishes?

    Today’s hardwood finishes are much safer than they were 10 years ago. SOEN hardwood uses hardwood finishes that are either 100% VOC free and low VOC finishes  that are approved to be used in hospitals and schools. Any hardwood finish we offer or use will be environmentally friendly and have 0% off gassing. This is especially true for penetrating oil finishes. There are a handful of water based finishes that will be 0% VOC, so before you commit to your hardwood refinishing process ask your Denver contractor about finishes and have them walk you through all the available finish options. Your hardwood refinishing process should not introduce VOC gasses in your home, which some of them cause cancer.

  • Dustless sanding?

    Just because some contractors claim that the hardwood refinishing equipment is connected to  the vacuums it does not mean you’re getting dustless sanding. If they are not using Bona DCS 2.0 dust containment system it is just another vacuum that is collecting the refinishing dust.

    When thinking about refinishing your floors, dust-free sanding is the only way to go! Bona pioneered the most powerful, portable, and effective dust containment system removing  99.8% of dust versus traditional sanding methods. With Bona Dust Containment Systems, the  nuisance and hassle of dusting and cleaning your home during and after a floor renovation is  eliminated.

    And more importantly, it provides a healthier environment as dust has been attributed to  asthma attacks and allergic reactions such as coughing, watery eyes and difficulty breathing. The Bona Portable DCS® 2.0 is the most advanced dust containment system available. By combining a Bona exclusive two-step cyclonic intake system with two hospital-grade HEPA  filters.

    The Bona Portable DCS 2.0 uses a Longopac® system (continuous bag), to collect the dust.  This system eliminates the need to expose the collected dust to the job site when emptying the  bag.

  • How long is the hardwood refinishing process?

    It depends. It can be from 2 days to 14 days, but many of our projects in Denver will take 4-5 days. Hardwood square footage, type of finish used and how many steps are necessary will  determine how long the process will take, which we would explain once we visit your home  and get a better understanding of your ideal hardwood look.