Polyurethane vs Penetrating Oil Finishes?

When refinishing hardwood floors with SOEN hardwood in Denver you will have the opportunity to select one of the two most polar hardwood finishes.

Penetrating oil finish is a type of finish that doesn’t create a plastic film on top of your  hardwood. It is a finish that penetrates down the wood fibers and creates a seal so there is no  visible film sitting on top of hardwood. Our preferred penetrating oil finish can be coated with  water based finish or with additional wax coats to add protection for years to come.  You can select 50 colors or we can mix them with any ratio to create endless color tones depending on your hardwood species.

Maintaining this type of finish is as easy as spraying the hardwood and mopping it.  Polyurethane hardwood finish is a type of plastic that sits on top of your hardwood. All and any damages to your hardwood floors are not actually done to your hardwood but to your finish. So all the imperfections you see in your floor are in the finish itself. Polyurethane finishes always have a higher sheen so scratches, dents, dirt and dust will be more visible than in a penetrating oil finish. When polyurethane is scratched, damaged it will be very difficult to repair due to wood aging, sheen level and application process. Matching color, sheen level on a polyurethane floor is almost mission impossible and this is one of the reasons why entire  hardwood floors have to be refinished when there is a repair to be done.

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