Why should I refinish my hardwood?

There are many reasons why hardwood floors are refinished. Most of the refinishing projects we’ve done in Denver are due to damage to the finish, water damage, outdated color, adding more hardwood etc. With today’s technology your contractor should be able to offer at least 5 different finishes and explain what each finish does which can help you select the right finish for your lifestyle.  Not all finishes are created equal. Some of them will last barely 3-4 years and some of them  can last 15+ years.

When you decide to refinish your hardwood floors you will have the opportunity to customize  many aspects of your final hardwood look. You can select new hardwood stain colors, sheen  levels, 0% VOC finishes and penetrating oil finishes. It’s customizing your hardwood floor  without spending a fortune and it’s all because there are that many hardwood finish options  available.

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