Dustless sanding?

Just because some contractors claim that the hardwood refinishing equipment is connected to  the vacuums it does not mean you’re getting dustless sanding. If they are not using Bona DCS 2.0 dust containment system it is just another vacuum that is collecting the refinishing dust.

When thinking about refinishing your floors, dust-free sanding is the only way to go! Bona pioneered the most powerful, portable, and effective dust containment system removing  99.8% of dust versus traditional sanding methods. With Bona Dust Containment Systems, the  nuisance and hassle of dusting and cleaning your home during and after a floor renovation is  eliminated.

And more importantly, it provides a healthier environment as dust has been attributed to  asthma attacks and allergic reactions such as coughing, watery eyes and difficulty breathing. The Bona Portable DCS® 2.0 is the most advanced dust containment system available. By combining a Bona exclusive two-step cyclonic intake system with two hospital-grade HEPA  filters.

The Bona Portable DCS 2.0 uses a Longopac® system (continuous bag), to collect the dust.  This system eliminates the need to expose the collected dust to the job site when emptying the  bag.

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